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Thursday, July 9, 2015

UFO Sighting

The Ariel School in Zimbabwe sighting is one of the most significant in recent UFO history. ...The event he lasted about twenty to thirty minutes, the children said, before the spaceships faded from view. But even in their state of fear, many of the children reported also being curious and fascinated by the strange beings they saw, whose eyes in particular commanded an intense attention. Curious about the validity of what the kids were claiming. Using a technique I learned from the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, I opened my third eye, where one can easily access the past and future. You can change the reality. Whatever you think or wish will become a reality. Once open, I could see the events that led up to the UFO sightings. This was not my imagination. You have got to mature through life to enter into that stage. Otherwise you should be under the direct supervision and guidance of a person who has already opened his third eye. Are there bad effects of opening the third eye? First of all you will not be able to open your third eye. There is all the chance that you could go crazy if you follow some vague technique.

Many people have died at the opening of the third eye. The methods are such that the energy accumulates at the third eye and it could electrocute the skull. The death is a small thing compared to the awakening of the third eye. Many of the methods known today for opening the third eye are very dangerous. Such as in the use of Alpha ZXT, a brain pill. Those methods should not be tried on your own. If you are trying your own you have to open all the main five chakras before opening the third eye. You progress inch by inch. There are methods to open your third eye directly. But it should be under the supervision of Guru. He knows where you are standing and when you should move. If you read something and try something with tidbit information there is a high probability that you will go mad.

Stephen Hawking has long been known as an authority in the science community for future predictions. It was Hawking who stated that he fears contact with extraterrestrial life, it was his way of warning us that alien life might try to conquer and colonize mankind. He goes on to cite examples throughout history that prove his theory saying "If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans," Hawking argues that, instead of trying to find and communicate with life in the cosmos, humans would be better off doing everything they can to avoid contact with Aliens until we get it together with each other, after learning the ominous warnings from the children at the school, that would be my advice and recommendation as well...

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