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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Yaphet Kotto (born as Frederick Samuel Kotto; 15 November 1939) is an American Actor, Director, Producer and philanthropist. He claims to be the reincarnation of Augustine of Hippo, an early Christian theologian and philosopher whose writings influenced the development of Western Christianity and Western philosophy During his birth celebrations, Rabbi Matthew, founder of The Commandment Keepers Holy Church of the Living God. Commandment Keepers' founder, journeyed from his Harlem Synagogue and announced that the child would become first a great actor and then a great holy man or priest. Kotto was brought up by his mother's younger sisters when she went into the Army. Yaphet Kotto's clairvoyance, total memory recall, materializations of small religious objects, along with reports of miraculous healings were a source of both fame and controversy in parochial grade and high school. As a youth his friends considered them signs of divinity, while the neighbors viewed them as simple conjuring tricks which he steered away from as he got older.

Besides the famous men who have experienced these same spiritual gifts, it is doubtless true that many hundreds of men and women in each century, unknown to fame, have been exalted to some degree of Cosmic Consciousness. There is no doubt in my mind that the message of a man like Paramahansa Yogananda, a spiritual teacher’s experience in this country and this century has been the means by which hundreds and perhaps thousands of Americans have achieved, through the meditation practices taught them, a glimpse of divine consciousness. Some few students have gone farther, and attained very high illumination. In the book Yaphet Kotto’s Alien Diary we have an example of how the cosmic sense is being developed in larger and larger numbers, paving the way for the great race of the future.

One paragraph from my book is well worth quoting here:
"As the Alien closed in on Parker I noticed that its projected mouth organ was headed straight for the space between my eyebrows, the so called location of the spiritual eye. Why was Ridley doing this? My mind screamed. Why aim at the 3rd eye what was he and Dan Obannon and Ron Schusett trying to say. Depression immediately started to set it as I continued in the scene, but the spell would eventually be broken. When I watched the filming of the attack, I had hair in the scene. When the alien bit through the head on a melon they used did not have hair. I felt a psychological release as if it wasn’t really me or Parker. It was a god damm bald melon!

“In contact with the flux of Cosmic Consciousness all religions known and named today will be melted down. The human soul will be revolutionized. spirituality will absolutely dominate the race. It will not depend on tradition. It will not be believed and disbelieved It will not be a part of life, belonging to certain hours, times, occasions. It will not be in sacred books nor in the mouths of priests. It will not dwell in churches and meetings and forms and days. Its life will not be in prayers, hymns nor discourses. It will not depend on special revelations, on the words of gods who came down to teach, nor on any Bible or Bibles. It will have no mission to save men from their sins or to secure them entrance to heaven. It will not teach a future immortality nor will future glories, for immortality and all glory exist in the here and now. The evidence of immortality will live in every heart as sight in every eye.

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