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Thursday, October 23, 2014

China Poised to Launch Next Moon Mission on Thursday

China is set to launch a robotic moon mission this week, a "trial by fire" test of re-entry technology for the country's future lunar sample-return efforts.

To date there has been little official word on this unmanned mission, which may launch as early as Thursday (Oct. 23). It will apparently send a spacecraft around the moon; on its way back toward Earth, the probe will release a capsule to perform a high-speed plunge through the planet's atmosphere. The capsule will parachute onto terra firma to complete its voyage.

The soon-to-launch moon probe is based on China's Chang'e 2 lunar orbiter design and modified to carry the re-entry test capsule. The mission, which some China space watchers are calling "Chang'e 5 T1," is to last some nine days. Read more >>

Monday, October 13, 2014

UFO the size of a tennis ball

UFO the size of a tennis ball and multi-coloured Malteser among sightings in Wales

The truth is out there: The MoD has received 119 reports of UFO sightings in Wales since 2000

A variety of weird and wonderful UFOs - including crafts resembling an exploding sixpence and a multi-coloured Malteser - have been spotted in Wales.

The bizarre claims were among 119 flying saucer sightings in Wales reported to the Ministry of Defence since 2000.

The soaring sweetie – like “a Malteser when held at arm’s length” – was spotted in Neath in July 2000. It was described as being orange, green, red and white.

In Monmouth, one person thought they spotted an alien craft through their bedroom window in October 2005, reports WalesOnline.

And in Penarth, there were reports of a “very bright object above the sun” in September 2009.

A “bright orange light” that was “definitely not a place” was seen from Pontypridd in August 2009.  Read more >>