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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Da Vinci Chronicles

The Da Vinci Chronicles
(an alien trilogy.)
By Yaphet Kotto

Review By Bernon Goldstein

J. Edgar Hoover's obsession with blacks was well-known. In 1956, in the wake of the Supreme Court's school desegregation decisions, Hoover fought with Attorney General Brownell over Brownell's proposals for new civil rights laws and enforcement provisions. Hoover declared that ``the specter of racial intermarriage'' was behind the tensions over ``mixed schooling,'' and he attacked the NAACP and other civil rights organizations, while defending and praising the White Citizens Councils in the South. It was also in 1956 that Hoover launched the FBI's COINTELPRO (Counter-Intelligence Program) which targeted civil rights groups and leaders, among others.

When the investigation of Aliens invasion came up, even the old-line Southern agents were bowing and bestowing on Mr. Roman anything his ‘wonderful’ African American heart desired.

So when Mr. Roman walked into the secret offices of the safe house and started shaking hands with the twelve senior agents.  The supervising agents of the team, Special Agent Fenton Connor pretended to welcomed the black agent.  "Whatever you need the team is with you, we’re all for one and one for all..." came the smiling Irish blarney from the agent who had been Primary on the UFO cases and sat on information concerning a Creole woman, catholic nun Lilith Stacia, of the Franciscan order AKA Medina Banneker . Making certain UFO reports on her never went public

Review By Virginia Scott

The Dogon Listening Woman of Africa says that her mission in life is ". . . to convert man to his inherent divinity,. to baptize him in the perfection of his soul and to initiate him into the consciousness of his oneness with God, more truly, into the full cognition of his absolute godliness." So this book, like Yaphet’s recent journey, is written "to awaken man to truth." There are Aliens living among us..

His style is well suited to an exposition of the X- Files-neither too involved for pleasant reading nor too simplified to explain principles which often require the use of similes and metaphors. Color is added by the occasional use of parables, and many of the individual sentences express so much that they are suitable for meditation.

In the introduction it is stated that "The path of the X-Files is the path of pure espionage, alien investigation. Sometimes it is called the path of wisdom." On this path one does not study the relationship of Alien and man because ". . . it is based upon the premise of absolute truth that Men and Aliens are identical. According to the scriptures man is God, and God is man. The question of relationship arises only in the state of duality."

Neither does this story deal with creation, nor with any relative state of consciousness. "It takes for its subject matter the reality of Aliens among us. Society comes within the scope of the relative... In the universe we are to ask about Self, the Spirit, the Absolute. In it we have no right to raise such questions as Why do we have a body? Why do we die? Where do we go after death? What causes suffering? Here we are to devote ourselves to gain the knowledge and realization of the Alien, who is bodiless, birthless, deathless, omnipresent, conscious and blissful."
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