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Monday, January 11, 2016

UFO coming out of a portal from another dimension

UFO believers claim a mysterious event over Australia was a UFO coming out of a portal from another dimension.

Footage of otherworldly lights over the capital city Canberra have set tongues wagging in the alien chaser online community.

The event caught on camera is said to show the "expanding brilliance of a ball of light" and the "the doughnut-shaped afterglow" which believers claimed suggested a UFO had exitited a worm hole or space-time inter-dimensional portal.

YouTube user, David Tefler, claimed to have previously seen a flying saucer enter a portal.

He concluded about the latest event: “I’d say that this was a craft exiting a portal.”
Australian astronomers and meteorologists have dismissed it as a mega case of ball lightening, but fellow believer Jakka Warren had none of it. (Source)

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