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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

UFO sightings in West Kelowna

UFO spotted in news coverage of B.C. forest fire

By Nadine Kalinauskas | Daily Buzz 

Last month, Toronto Police received several reports of UFO sightings in North York.

In videos uploaded by Finch Street resident Sarah Chun, 36, a string of flashing diagonal lights can be seen, with a flowing object high above them.

"If it was something dangerous and we could do something under the criminal code, we might. Police would go try and check it out," Sergeant Barry White, 32 Division, told the Toronto Star. "But to actually go and investigate it further as a UFO — I don't think we would. I'm trying not to laugh!"

The sightings have yet to be explained.

Now another UFO sighting is making headlines on the west coast.

On July 17, Western Canada news organization Castanet News posted a video about the efforts to stop the Smith Creek Wildfire in West Kelowna.

The video was reposted on numerous UFO websites, with viewers especially interested in the 37-second mark.  Read more >>

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