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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Former Jet Fighter Pilot Recalls UFO Encounters


Former Yugoslavian Army Jet Fighter Pilot Recalls UFO Encounters

Suad Hamzić has been sharing his memoirs as a former Yugoslavian Army jet fighter on Tango Six, a website that reports on the Serbian Air Force. In his latest installment he writes about his belief in UFOs, and he shares the personal encounters that have convinced him of their existence.

Hamzić has a unique background. Before becoming a jet fighter Hamzić attended the Yugoslavian Air Force Academy and the RAF staff college in Great Britain. In 1980, he came to the United States where he worked evaluating the F-5 fighter jet. From 1986 to 1990 he served as a military attaché of the armed forces of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in Turkey. He then retired as a colonel in 1993.

Hamzić starts of his latest memoir entry by commenting on how unpopular the UFO topic can be, and how reluctant people can be to write about it. He says that the approach by authorities is to be "generally restrained, incomplete, vague and mysterious, which further complicates any rational debate on UFOs." 

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