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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Enormous 4 Mile Wide UFO Sighting In Simon's Town, South Africa

Enormous 4 Mile Wide UFO Sighting In Simon's Town, South Africa

A 4 mile wide UFO sighting in the small Naval village called Simon's Town has the Counter Intelligence Agency of South Africa's attention and are currently investigating the incident.
Worldnews Tomorrow reports that on April 6, 2013 an estimated 4 mile wide UFO hovered over the naval base for about 40 minutes, about 1 mile off shore. A local resident captured the event on infrared camera because it was not visible to the naked eye. 

Worldnews reports that the naval base welcomed the gigantic UFO with 100's of rounds of what seems to be flares. The video was shot about 40 miles away across False Bay. In the beginning of the video you can see what looks like the naval base firing at the UFO. 

Exactly what they are firing I cannot tell, whether they are flares or anti aircraft shells it seems to take no effect on the UFO. In this part of the video you cannot see the presence of a UFO until he switches to the infrared video. You cannot make out any conclusive shape of the UFO but you can definitely tell there is something above the naval base. You can certainly see there is a large dark mass with several rows of lights steadily hovering in the night sky. The naval base initially denied any activity going on in the bay area but soon gave another statement saying that they was performing some drills that particular evening between 8 and 9 pm. Just for the record this video was shot between 9 and 10 pm. Local residents say they have never seen the naval base partake in any such drills in the past. Some are claiming there are 2 UFOs in this video and the smaller one is firing upon the larger one, but from what I can see there is only one and the shots are being fired from the ground. Take a look at this enormous 4 mile wide UFO in the video below.

Can you see 2 UFOs in this video? What is the naval base shooting at the UFO? Are they flares, anti aircraft shells? Why would the naval base fire upon the UFO when it doesn't seem to be performing any aggressive maneuvers towards the base? Why would the naval base initially say there was no events that took place that evening and come back and say there were drills going on?

South Africa's Counter Intelligence Agency confirms that they are currently analysing the original video and claims that it is legit. The agency also states the person who shot the video is a credible law enforcement personnel.

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