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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Great Sighting Outbreak

Credit : howstuffworks
This map and accompanying pictures depict the startling UFO incident at Fort Itaipu, Brazil.
Intercontinental U.F.O. Galactic Spacecraft Research and Analytic Network 

During the great sighting outbreak of early November 1957, a number of close encounters had a disturbing consequence: burns and related injuries to witnesses. One of the most dramatic occurrences took place at an army base at Itaipu along Brazil's Atlantic coast. At 2 A.M. on November 4 two guards saw a luminous orange disc coming in over the ocean at a low altitude and an alarming rate of speed. As it passed above the soldiers, the disc came to an instant stop.

The two witnesses suddenly felt a wave of heat and a horrifying sensation as if they had burst into flame. Their screams brought other soldiers stumbling out of their barracks just in time to see the UFO streak away. At that moment the fort's entire electrical system failed. Amid great secrecy the two men were rushed to a military hospital and treated during the next few weeks for first-and second-degree burns to ten percent of their bodies.

But there were other burn cases as well. In the afternoon of the same day as the Itaipu incident, the engines of several cars along a rural highway near Orogrande, New Mexico, ceased to function as an egg-shaped object maneuvered close by. A witness who stood particularly close to it contracted a "sunburn." In the early morning hours of November 6, outside Merom, Indiana, a hovering UFO, which bathed his farm in light, also seriously burned René Gilham's face. He ended up spending two days in the hospital.

Denise Bishop

At around 1:30 A.M. on November 10 a Madison, Ohio, woman saw an acorn-shaped UFO hovering just behind her garage. She watched it for half an hour. In the days afterward she developed a body rash and vision problems that her doctor believed suggested radiation poisoning. Subsequent medical tests uncovered no apparent cause for her injuries.

More than three months after a green beam from a UFO struck Denise Bishop in, the burn on her hand could still be seen.
Fortean Picture Library

Physical trace elements. UFO Injury reports from UFOs....
April 3/23, 1976. Quixada, Ceara, Brazil
Source: Alien Base by Timothy Good
Credit : unexplained-mysteries

Credit: unexplained-mysteries

Location. Quixada, Ceara Brazil Date: April 3 1976 Time: 0500A Rancher Luis Barroso Fernandes had just finished rounding up his prized animals and was returning back to the farm on his burro when after about 3 km from the farm he began hearing a loud buzzing sound similar to the ones made by giant bees. Looking around he did not see anything and continued on his journey. Suddenly a bright ball of light of about 3 meters in diameter flew over the witness. The craft slowly descended towards the ground in front of him. It resembled a huge tractor tire or a giant turtle. Afraid, his burro reared back while at the same time a bright beam of light from the object illuminated them both instantly paralyzing them. At that point a door on the object opened and two figures became visible, one of them carried with him what appeared to be a flashlight, which he pointed at the witness, at this point a beam of light struck the witness on his face causing him to become unconscious. Two hours later he woke up feeling strong heat on his face and having some difficulty breathing along with a severe headache. Barroso’s health quickly deteriorated and his hair turned gray-white over night. His mental status became that of a 2 year old and almost 15 years after the encounter he had wasted away and died in bed.

June 18 1979. Mirassol, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Source: Fsr 1984 1
Credit: unexplained-mysteries

The witness was returning home from his job as a security guard when a metallic oval shaped craft landed on three legs near his home. Three humanoids came out and paralyzed him with red beams of light from boxes that they carried on their chests. The beings also carried boxes on their backs and had an insignia on their chests. He floated with the beings into the object and then passed out. Under hypnosis he remembered traveling to a larger craft where he found himself in a dark room with small lights and star maps. Ten to twelve humanoids were in the room with him. They were of two different types. Some were green skinned, with black smooth hair, thin lips, thin noses, pointed ears, and large eyes. The others were similar but had brown skin, crinkly hair, dark eyes, and thick lips. All were about four-foot tall and wore white uniforms and gloves. He was taken to another room and laid on a couch, a naked woman the entered the room. She was human like with black slanted eyes, brown skin, large head, red hair, and very foul breath. He resisted her advances but was forcibly restrained. The beings spoke in an unknown language among themselves but by telepathy with the witness. He was given the impression that they were conducting genetic experiments and were interested in reproduction. 
Credit : unexplained-mysteries

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