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Sunday, February 24, 2013

UFO Sighting in Johannesburg

Credit : Rob-Arndt

Sighting UFO 2 March 2012, Boskruin, Johannesburg, South Africa.

At 9pm CAT I observed a flash of light in the sky in a SE direction looking towards the horizon. I had observed a few interesting lights from UFO which I interpreted as aircraft during the evening and twice saw satellites pass directly overhead in low earth orbit. I’m mentioning this as I know the difference between aircraft, satellites and astronomical bodies in the sky. The light that caught my attention was like a flare of plasma or when a gas (like methane) ignites. It was bright and reddish white colour to it. What was interesting is that this plasma looked to have flames only at the edges. At this stage the object was very high and my first reaction was that it was a meteorite entering the atmosphere.  read more

Source : News24

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