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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Betty and Barney Hill Alien Abduction

Even though Betty and Barney Hill’s alleged Alien abductors seemed to have cutting edge medical information and instruments, they (the Alien abductors) couldn’t save or chose not to save Barney Hill from a pending cerebral hemorrhage which he died from eight years after his abduction and medical exam by the gray UFO beings who had what seemed to be advanced medical knowledge and procedures.

Betty Hill, who died much later (2004), of lung cancer wasn’t cured either, or apprised of her potential disease.

What does this tell us?

That the episode was bogus, a fiction, or that the UFO occupants were a callous lot, who cared little or nothing about the human beings they had kidnapped.

And the UFO beings in other contact cases --Travis Walton, Parker and Hickson in Pascagoula, Shirmer, (to name a few) -- have been described as cold, indifferent, lacking compassion or sensitivity to the plight of those abducted.

But the indifference of the Hill captors was portentiousless, and cruel; the callous “objectivity” of the Hill UFO beings was almost satanic.

Or, perhaps, the medical expertise of the gray UFO beings is not as advanced or evolved as UFO stories would have it.

Something happened to the Hills – something imaginatively or something real but bizarre.

We can never know what the Hill story means. It’s remains a mystery or a contrived influential canard. But we do know that whatever the Hill episode was, it reflected a fiction or a strange reality wherein the main “characters” were probed, like guinea pigs, and left to die, without any help or instructions from their medically-oriented captors.

Either way, the Hills ended up getting no health benefits from their concoction or abduction. The incident that defined them was no help in the end. That is the nature of UFO episodes: nothing good comes from them, whether they are contrived or real.

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